Since 1954 with passion and dedication

A story of passion

ADR was born in a small place in Uboldo, in the beating heart of Lombardy, Italy, where Giovanni and Antonia embarked on a remarkable venture, by starting a humble turning shop. It was 1954. In the wake of a war-ravaged nation, amidst the hardships of the post-war era, their story unfolded. These were the times of hard-working men and women, together building the bright future.
ADR's journey to success has been fuelled by an unwavering passion that burns within its core. From its inception, ADR's founders were driven by a deep-seated belief in their vision, constantly pushing the boundaries of what was possible. This passion has been the driving force behind their relentless pursuit of excellence, guiding them through challenges and inspiring others to join their cause.       
Challenges in ADR

Passion comes from tenacity, curiosity and courage.

We embody the tenacity to confront challenges head-on.
Our insatiable curiosity drives us to continuously improve by attentively listening to our customers, partners, and suppliers.
With unwavering courage, we fearlessly tackle seemingly impossible obstacles, relying on both our intellect and intuition.
Worldwide expansion

From Uboldo to the global market.

From its humble beginnings in Uboldo, where ADR's headquarters are still located, the company has expanded its reach worldwide.
Today, we have established a strong and dependable presence across four continents, allowing us to provide prompt and direct support to our customers in every corner of the globe.
Each of our subsidiaries, spanning from the Balkans to India, from China to Brazil, from North America to Australia, and from New Zealand to the Middle East, shares the same passion and contributes to the Group's growth through the integration of diverse cultures. This expansion goes beyond mere economic progress; it encompasses people and values.
Anyone associated with ADR can rely on finding a committed and trustworthy partner, dedicated to enhancing work processes through cutting-edge technologies that prioritize efficiency, comfort, and safety. We serve the agriculture industry and the hardworking individuals who rely on it every day.
Worldwide branches offering quality

A network seeking a community.

The ADR group operates as a network of companies, spearheaded by its headquarters in Uboldo.
With a workforce exceeding 1500 skilled individuals, our objective is to find improvements in everything we do. This journey is arduous, often demanding, yet the rewards it yields are immeasurable.
Our expansion in the world has gone through important stages. We acquired Colaert Essieux in France in 1990, which was a great stride towards internationalization. Subsequently, we have established a notable presence in diverse regions, including the establishment of ADR UK (formerly Tyremart), the inauguration of ATW offices in Poland, or acquisition of Geplasmetal in Spain. At present, our manufacturing and commercial branches span across China, Canada, Brazil, and more, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled quality services across the globe.
One might even venture, with a touch of audacity, to claim that "the sun never sets on the ADR group."