Satisfy the needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations. 

As a strategic priority, ADR is committed to sustainable expansion, focusing on the development of new products and innovative production processes. Embracing sustainability as a core entrepreneurial principle involves integrating environmental and social considerations into the company's strategy, processes, and products, creating long-term value.
This approach entails efficient and strategic management of natural, financial, human, and relational resources. ADR actively involves employees in decision-making processes, fostering a sense of ownership and encouraging their active participation. The company strives to make sustainability a fundamental aspect of its core operations, seeking efficient solutions for daily practices and operations. ADR also supports local enterprises by collaborating in the selection of suppliers and ensuring the monitoring of the entire supply chain.
Ecological dimension

Circular economy

ADR embraces the concept of sustainability as a transformative economic paradigm. This approach emphasizes decoupling economic growth from resource consumption by reimagining production and consumption models. Our Group prioritizes the reduction of waste and the promotion of material reuse within infinite production cycles. By embracing the principles of the circular economy, we strive to create a sustainable future where resources are utilized efficiently and waste is minimized, aligning with our Group's core values.
Economic dimension

Growth and efficiency

In ADR, economic sustainability entails the capacity to generate consistent income and employment while pursuing growth and efficiency in a lasting manner.
Social dimension

For ADR it is equity

ADR Group recognizes the importance of equitable distribution of human well-being, and thus, strives to ensure such conditions are met. This commitment is reflected in our engagement with various social projects and the cultivation of an advanced sense of social responsibility. By supporting initiatives centred around our three pillars of youth, education, and territorial development, ADR continuously expands its sphere of social responsibility.
Social responsibility

To improve the future for all

ADR actively supports the association "Alice for Children", which focuses on constructing schools in Kenya. Additionally, we contribute to the "Lega del filo d’oro", an organization dedicated to supporting children with disabilities.

ITS Academy Leading Generation Foundation

ADR also takes pride in being a founding member of an ITS (Technical Secondary School), aimed at providing local young individuals with comprehensive knowledge to confidently enter the workforce. We firmly believe in investing in the younger generation as they represent the future of our society. Furthermore, ADR participates in various local and national initiatives that promote youth, sports, and social connections within the community.

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