Research and development

An internal driving force towards innovation.

Collaboration and knowledge transfer between the Uboldo headquarters and ADR Group's subsidiaries worldwide enable the direct delivery of top-quality components and services to customers in the agricultural industry.
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High-precision checks on every single part

Every component, ranging from axles to suspensions, braking systems to joints, undergoes regular testing to guarantee adherence to our stringent technical standards and product certifications.
The quality of the supply is closely monitored across all companies within the Group to maintain consistent excellence.
The quality of our products
Continuous improvement

Objective: zero maintenance

At ADR, our relentless commitment to research and development serves a twofold purpose: enhancing the safety and autonomy of the machines we support while simultaneously driving maintenance times and costs down to zero.
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Growing with experience.

"If we don’t have a problem to solve, we have no reason to exist”.
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