Supply chain

Supply chain

A global supply network

ADR Group recognizes the pivotal role of suppliers within the value chain.
The expansion of the Group has been built on a strong foundation of investing in the search for suppliers who, through long-standing technical and commercial collaboration, have developed expertise, process technologies, and production capabilities.
Through ADR Group's Supply Chain, suppliers become integrated into an international dimension, characterized by the pursuit of key objectives such as quality, flexibility, precision, and competitiveness.
Suppliers interested in joining the ADR Group's Supply Chain undergo a comprehensive auditing process to evaluate their technical and organizational capabilities. This process involves various departments, including Purchasing, Quality, Technical Office, R&D, and Testing and Experimentation Laboratories, all available within ADR Group.
Once the supply network is established, the Quality department continues to monitor supplier performance, enabling the most competitive suppliers to emerge as leaders within the ADR Group's Supply Chain, fostering their further growth and development ambitions.
The ability to support supplier performance growth, along with the sharing of methodologies and best practices, is objectively demonstrated by the increasing turnover of suppliers. This illustrates how the supply relationships within the ADR Group Supply Chain evolve towards partnerships and loyalty, serving as a crucial factor in achieving stable and long-lasting success.

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