Teknoax range

The new generation agricultural axles
Forged axle with seamless tubular body and integrated stub to combine strength and low mass.
A completely new project, both for the structure and for the mechanics, that satisfies the widest range of both road and off-road applications.


High performance with low running costs.
The innovative RFID electronic traceability system inserted in the spindle revolutionises service management.
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Technical features
The TEKNOAX range reduces 50% of the weight of the axle body. Made with a high resistance steel hollow profile, ideal for both industrial and agricultural uses. Predisposition for the ADR/PTG remote tire inflation system.


The electronic traceability system for Teknoax products, which contains sensitive data of the axle, is functional to the programmed maintenance of the vehicle and to the identification of the components for the technical assistance service, and the availability of the original spare parts even when the plate is no longer legible.

Integral Body

The axle body in monobloc tubular with integrated spindles, obtained by hot plastic deformation from the axle body for a distribution of the state of effort without solutions of continuity in the structure.

Smart fit

The particular cold shaping of the square section of the axle body which increases the bending resistance of the axle and allows coupling to the suspensions without welding. The reduction in mass of the axle body compared to the full square axle bodies still widespread in the agricultural field is, for the same performance, of the order of 50%.

Air Spindle

The newly developed hollow spindle from Teknoax. Compact and large diameter. It significantly reduces the protrusion of the hub to facilitate the use of wheels without offset even with tires of considerable size. A very rigid construction particularly designed for heavy-duty use.

Strain Flow

The optimal geometry for the connection area of ​​the stub axle to the axle body, without sudden variations in section, for maximum fatigue safety.
The hollow profile of the stub axle allows for the best mass-to-strength ratio to be achieved and facilitates the application of the tire-inflation systems that are very common on machines that operate on natural surfaces.

Clever Seal

The Teknoax lubrication system, with box-type seals that ensure optimal lubrication of the hub bearings, protect them from environmental aggressors and allow for clean maintenance and can complement the ABS tone wheel.


The term that best describes the design effort to satisfy all the typical applications of special vehicles by using the greatest number of common components to optimize the stock of spare parts, also by implementing products already in use on industrial vehicles to improve their availability.

Spin Just

The innovative system that allows the axial adjustment of the bearing clearance with a precision of the order of one hundredth of a millimetre. The precision of the adjustment associated with the rigidity of the spindle-hub complex increases the life of the bearings and helps to make maintenance less onerous

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