Suspension Tandem e Tridem

Mechanical Suspension
Tandems and trindems

The modular mechanical suspensions.
K by ADR is the most simplest and effcient mechanical suspension unit on the market. All the linkages are supported by adjustable rubber tie rods for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.
All the brackets for assembly to the chassis of the vehicle are short and rigid in order to reduce torsion reactions when cornering. The high modularity meets all the requiirements of the vehicles of manufacturers, without the need to store large stocks of spares.


Standard wheelbase from 910 to 1850 mm with 2, 3 or 4 leaf para- bolic springs 76, 80 and 100 mm wide. The following pages show the range KA, KD, KE, KB, KW with the following features:
  • KA and KD: parabolic spring 80 and 100 mm wide, simplified version for agricultural machinery.
  • KE and KB: parabolic spring suspension, 76 and 100 mm wide, with torque arms, to fit medium and heavy trailers at speed over 40 km/h.
  • KW: is the heavy-duty, with multi-leaf springs 100 mm wide and reinforced structure.
In the catalogue both the unladen (A) and laden height (B) are marked. These heights always refer to a horizontal vehicle. On semitrailers the angle of the chassis plays an important part on both tandem and tridem suspensions, reducing the equalizer movement, causing the equalizer to strike the frame in uneven road conditions. In this case the slope of the laden chassis must be accurately evaluated and packing pieces must be added to the spring seats. Standard 30 mm spacers are available.
Alternatively a tapered spacer can be welded between the hanger bracket and the main frame: tapered spacers are not standard piec- es and are not supplied with the kits. Care is neededl with the tridem, because the angle must be compensated on three brackets: only an accurate calculation of the required packings assures the right distribution of weight on the axles and long life of tyres.
Further attention is required if one or more of the axles is a self steering unit. Please don’t hesitate to ask our technical department for details.

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