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Tyremart Agricultural LTD

Main Road, Long bennington
Newark, Notts, NG235DJ
Tel. +44 1400 283820
Fax +44 1400 283137





TYREMART (Agricultural) Limited has been in business since 1979. Situated south east of Newark, just off the A1, it is well placed to serve to all parts of the country and Ireland.

It was formed as a supplier of COLAERT products and associated components on the Anglo-Saxon market.


In 1990 Colaert was bought by ADR and Tyremart began a working relationship with both the companies, increasing the range of products.


In the year 2000, Rod Watson, the founder of the company, decided to sell the company to ADR. ADR then decided to build new premises of 37.673,69 square feet (3.500 square meter) where Tyremart moved to in 2002.


With the combination of Rod’s vast experience over the years and the investment of ADR Tyremart has undergone swift commercial and industrial development. It has explored sales opportunities in new markets and also started onsite production to adapt ADR, COLAERT and ATW products to the specific needs of the Anglo-Saxon market.



With the increase in business Tyremart eventually out grew the existing warehouse space and a decision was made in 2007 to build an extension. At present the premises are 55.972,33 square feet (5.200 square meter).


Rod ran Tyremart until his retirement at the beginning of 2008.


The staff have considerable knowledge and updated information, acquired over the years, to advise and assist in the selection of the correct combination of products.


A team of dedicated people are at your disposal, from the office staff, with answer at their fingertips, warehouse personnel in charge of the extensive stock and cheerful drivers ready to go anywhere!

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