ADR, the Pune plant covering the Indian market

The Lombard company ADR has been present in India, in Pune, since 2016 with a plant specialized in the production of axles and suspensions. The city of Maharashtra is a hub of the Indian automotive sector and is therefore an ideal location for ADR's on-site activities.
The online magazine Businessworld writes that the city of Pune (in the state of Maharashtra), located in the district of the same name 150 kilometers southeast of Mumbai, is one of India's economic engines. In fact, Pune ranks at the top of the subcontinent in terms of the weight of economic activities and per capita GDP. In particular, the city of Maharashtra can boast a strong specialization in the manufacturing field, in the Information Technology sector - and more generally in High Tech - as well as in that of higher education, thanks to the presence of various academic centers and numerous higher education institutes. But above all Pune can rightly be considered as the capital of the Indian automotive industry. Here are the Indian branches of companies such as FCA, Piaggio, Skoda, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volkswagen, as well as the "house brands" Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra. In short, it is a vital and dynamic center, and not only from a production point of view, by virtue of which it has exerted a strong power of attraction on Indian and foreign companies for many years.
And it is precisely in Pune that the Indian branch of the Varese company ADR is based (the headquarters are in Uboldo), which specializes, among others, in the manufacture of axles and mechanical and pneumatic suspensions for agricultural and earthmoving machines. ADR Axles India Pvt Ltd - this is the name of ADR's "bridgehead" in India - was established in 2016 and began operating shortly after, in 2017, with a particular vocation for the production of axles and suspensions, and with significant investments in R&D. The objective of the Lombard company, in fact, is to use new materials and to develop highly innovative solutions (just think of the "intelligent" axle Teknoax 2.0) aimed at improving the efficiency of its components, especially as regards applications of agriculture 4.0.
Currently, the ADR headquarters in Pune can count on about twenty collaborators and an average annual turnover that reaches one and a half million euros. «The decision to have a permanent presence on the Indian market - explains ADR to Mondo Macchina - stems from our diversification strategy, which concerns not only our product lines, designed for the agricultural, industrial and road sectors, but also the destination of our models». In this context, a scenario such as the Indian one, which in 2018 recorded the sale of 800,000 tractors, represents a strong pole of attraction for ADR's agriculture division. This is confirmed by the fact that almost all of the Pune plant's production (90%) is destined for the Indian subcontinent market, even if in the medium-long term ADR's intention is to increase exports to North America.
«Pune is a hub for the automotive sector, therefore the ideal area for the growth of ADR in India. The automotive industry - concludes the company - allows you to have qualified suppliers for the local development of components and the supply chain. Both suppliers and customers are present in this region, which considerably facilitates our logistics operations».

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